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In The Beginning


And from this groove came the groove of all grooves, And while one day viciously throwing down on his box, Jack boldy declared, “Let there be HOUSE!” and house music was born.”

This is how it all started for us here at Electro Cycle… That Sound of House, our vision is to bring this music and vibe to as many people as possible. To those who know and love… the beat, the groove and the joy of House.

So what’s is all about you might ask, well as with everything we have to start somewhere, ‘Lets bring the Chicago House sound to Edinburgh’ we thought, ‘how hard can it be?’ Well 2 years later here we are, we have a residency at a local bar, a website, local DJ talent who share our love of the music and a growing following of House music lovers.

Each month we treat you to the best in Deep House, Funky House, Chicago House, Tech House, Acid House…. a bit of Disco and even some Jazz Funk from our residents Hi-Tech John and Foxxy DJ. We want you to experience the music you wouldn’t get from another pub or club around Edinburgh and beyond, and we want you to share our passion for the music. We also want you to hear DJs not normally heard in Edinburgh, talent that is sometimes overlooked but should not be dismissed.

If you would like to know more about what’s happening please check out the events page, or contact us for more information. We are also looking to take our night to other venues or festivals, so if you are an organiser then please get in touch.

We hope to see you at our next night soon.

Love Team Electro Cycle x

Fringe Festival Special

August 2018

To celebrate this years fringe festival we hosted a free event, showcasing the best underground DJ talent Edinburgh has to offer.

We were delighted to have along regular guest DJs, RMY, Charlie Says, Andrew McIntosh and Jon Clapton playing some of the finest House music, from mash up remixes to Acid House to Disco and Tech House. We all had a fantastic night with quite a few of our regulars dancing into the small hours, heres to next years Fringe special.

If you didn’t get chance to see our DJs live then please check out our Mixcloud page for the entire set recording.


henrys cellar bar

September 2017

Electro Cycle Late…

One of the many aims of our night is to bring the sound of House music to as many people as we can. 

With this we hosted a one off club night special at a local club in Edinburgh with an all female DJ line up that included Charlie Says and RMY, who played some of the best Deep/Funky/Disco and Tech House around.

We’re hoping to make this more of a regular feature in 2018/19 and would like to include a festival appearance when the opportunity arises.

The Village leith

November 2016 – Present

Our current home…

Thankfully it didn’t take long to establish our new residency. With the owner of The Village keen to establish some regular nights, and also sharing the same dance music passion, he was more than happy for us to set up our night here.

We now have a great platform to develop Electro Cycle even further, in 2017 we celebrated our first birthday, hosted a fringe festival pop up special and had a Christmas House Party.

In 2018 we have established our guest DJ spot, featuring local DJ talent from in and around Edinburgh.

Guest DJs Andrew and Paul with our resedents Hi-Tech John & Foxxy DJ

Leith Depot

April 2016 – October 2016

A new venture…

After a chance meeting with DJ VeeringEast at his newly formed Open Decks night, he suggested Leith Depot as a great venue, with the current owner more than happy to try out different gig nights.

This then gave Foxxy DJ the platform to establish and build the night, inviting local DJs from the Open Decks nights to guest along side her and where the current partnership formed with Hi-Tech John (now co-host), as both have the same passion for Chicago House music.

Alas, with the changing nature of the venue it was time to move on and write the next chapter in our journey…

Wee Red Bar

March 2014 – June 2014

Taking our first steps…

After an unsuccessful attempt at trying to break into the Edinburgh DJ scene, Foxxy DJ decided to go for it herself. Armed only with enthusiasm and a desire to DJ in a club, she came up with the idea for Electro Cycle, combining her love of old skool Chicago House with the latest resurgence called ‘Deep House’.

Finding a venue willing to take a chance on someone with no previous club night experience was not easy, however, we managed to persuade the Wee Red Bar to let us host three House nights. 

As with all good things this didn’t last and it was time to pack away the music and find another willing venue.    

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this is electro cycle

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